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Spa Wellness Services 

5% discount on all spa wellness services

     Massage Therapy

Holisynergie Customized massage, using a combination of different techniques such as Deep Tissue, Swedish Massage,Cranio Sacral Therapy, Reflexology. Great after physical activitity or for muscle pain, tension or stress.
45 min - $70
60 min - $85

90 min - $110

Couple 60 min - $150

Couple 90 min - $200
Pure Bliss Swedish massage uses light to medium preassure, very soothing and relaxing.
60 min - $75 Couple 60 min - $150
90 min - $100 Couple 90 min - $200
Total Body Awareness Our Signature massage. A holistic initial diagnosis that resultis in a unique combination of healing body work tecniques, such as Cranio Sacral Therapy, Deep Tissure, and more.
2 hours - $175
90 min - $130
Reflexology Ancient healing technic that works with the pressure points of the feet, hands and ears.
45 min - $65
60 min - $85 Reflexology with Aromaterapy
Thai Masaje Increase flexibility and energy by applying passive streaching and acupreassure points.90 min - $115

Unplugged Four hand massage. Ultimate de-stress therapy.

 45 min - $150

Holistic Therapy

Our holistic therapies offer a deeper level of treatment by helping you balance and integrate body, mind and spirit.


Cranio Sacral Therapy 60 min - $110

To better understand what Holistic Therapy can do for you, we offer a FREE CONSULTATION

Body treatment

Chocomokacoco Energy Booster body wrap with chocolate, coffee and yogurt60min-$75

 Tropical Enzyme Polish Peeling, special for delicate skin with Fruit enzymes. 60min-$75

 Spicy Ginger Rub Ginger, organic honey wrap for immune system , uplifting. 60min-$75

MuddyBuddy Mud wrap with hot stones special for detox.


Aloe Mint Smoothie Aloe vera wrap cooling , refresh sunburned skin.


Slimming Kelp Cocoon Kelp cocoon wrap special for slimming and toning. 60min-$85 

Mint Blast Legs and Feet Wrap+Massage with exfoliation with mint essential oil, for hot tierd legs and feet.



Essenthya Deluxe Organic ingredients and essential oil are chosen according to your skin type. 


Essenthya Hydratation Organic aloe vera restore and hydrate your skin.

Essenthya Mini Includes cleanser, massage and mask.


Hand and Foot treatments

Holis Spa Manicure Manicure with hand exfoliation and massage. 

45 min - $35

Holis Spa Pedicure Pedicure with exfoliation and feet and legs massage.

60 min - $45

Manicure for Men A hand treatment specially designed for men. 

30 min - $25

Pedicure for Men Spa pedicure with an extra long foot massage to unwind and relax.

60 min - $35

Holis Spa Manicure/Pedicure

 60 min - $65


Be Welcome to Drop In to any of our Daily Classes at Holis Wellness Studio!
Please check the next Class Schedule.
We offer daily classes at our brand New Studio plus classes at Hotel Costa Verde ocean view deck!

Private classes 75 min duration, transportation included.

One on One classes $75 Couples classes $50 each 

Group Classes $18 each (minimum 4 people)


Lets Party

Essenthya Facial
Holisynergie Massage
Body Treatment of your choice Holis

Spa Manicure + Pedicure

3.5 horas - $250

Share the Magic

1 Couple Massage (90 min)

2 Chocomokakoko
2 Holis Spa Pedicure

3.5 horas - $450(each couple)

Thai Heaven

Essenthya Mini Facial

Thai Massage
Holis Spa Pedicure

2.5 horas - $210

Head to Toe Bliss


Unplugged Massage

Essenthya Facial

Holis Spa Pedicure

3 horas - $250

Pura Vida

Mini Facial
Pure Bliss Massage
Choose a Manicure or a Pedicure

2 horas - $150


Holisynergie Massage

Muddy Buddy Body Wrap

Essenthya Facial

2 horas - $165


Aloe Mint Smoothie Body Wrap

Essenthya Hydration Facial

Holis Spa Manicure or Pedicure

2.5 horas - $190


call or mail for details !!

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